Saturday, August 23, 2008

For a Season and a Reason

I just finished a phone call with a client of mine. It turned out to be a very inspiring and spiritual event. I currently have the home of Lonnie and Deborah listed for sale. They have already moved to a new location and have trusted me to keep an eye on their home and to get it sold. Today is Saturday. Earlier today, I played a small roll in a movie. Lonnie had called earlier today and left me a message about an item we had been working on. After the shoot was over, I sent a text message back with an update from my side. A couple of hours later, they called me and we had a pleasant visit. 

At first, our conversation was focused on the business at hand. I then told them that they would laugh at me because I had been in a movie earlier that day. We had a fun discussion about it and I shared the plot of the movie. The plot is based on the debate of the Problem of Evil. The basis of the debate is if God created everything, and if Evil exists, then there can not be a God. The story develops and leads you to the realization that God does exists. 

Deborah asked me what I would do when I was rich and famous, to which I replied, "It won't happen." But if it did, I went on to explain that I would use my "fame" to share inspiring stories and teach people how to become better than they are now. I feel passionate about life and its purpose.  I shared with her the ideas I share in this blog. After one of the stories I shared with her, she thanked me and stated that she needed that message today. I was deeply touched. 

We shared appreciation of our friendship over the past year and a half. Lonnie and Deborah have a great spiritual depth and have been so kind to share with me. I expressed my sorrow that our relationship we have had would decline after their home sells. I shared how I feel frustrated from time to time in that I fail to keep in touch with great people that I have had the opportunity to learn from and grow with. Great friends from previous points in my life don't receive calls from me, but I think of them often.

Deborah then shared a great lesson with me. She said, "God brings us together for a season, and a reason. Once that season is gone, then the relationship may change. The love and appreciation stays and the benefits of the season remain to sustain and carry us through life, even though we have moved on to the next 'Season'".

Upon conclusion of our conversation, I knew two things. 1) I believed in the Season and Reason reality. I pondered on those precious relationships I have had over the years. I still hold those individuals in high esteem and love. Even though the frequency of contact has changed, the respect and special feelings of those relationships quickly returns when we meet on occasion.  2) We are all brothers and sisters. The feelings I have for Lonnie and Deborah are not that of a regular "client" relationship. I truly feel they are my brother and sister. The influence and support we have with each other is more than circumstance. God saw a need for us to cross paths briefly, but each of us are better for the meeting and I will ever be grateful. 

So to each of us. Who has God put in your life this season? What are you to share? What are you to learn? How long will your season be? As a farmer needs to plant in the spring and harvest in the fall, so we need to be aware of the signs of the seasons. 

And to Lonnie and Deborah...Thank you for the season.